[MacOS 10.14.1, NFS to Ubuntu16]

I'm setting up NFS between my Raspberry Pi3 running Ubuntu16 (Server) and my Macbook Pro (Client). I have a basic setup that's working for anonymous mounts, but need to fix write permissions for user mounts.

I'm trying to use rpcinfo to gather information about what's going on, but on my Mac, rpcinfo isn't working, and returns the errors below:

user@client:[20:31]$ rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: rpcinfo: RPC: Unable to send; errno = Broken pipe

user@client:[20:31]$ rpcinfo
rpcinfo: RPCBPROC_DUMP failed for host localhost
rpcinfo: RPC: Unable to send; errno = Broken pipe

Other NFS tools, e.g. nfsstat -m work fine.

Any suggestions as to what may be broken and how to fix this problem?

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