I am trying to get a keyboard shortcut that types my password to work on the logon screen, but apparently all my custom built keyboard shortcuts are disabled in the login screen.

I built my keyboard shortcuts with tools like BetterTouchTool and Alfred.

Is there anyway I can enable keyboard shortcuts to work in the login screen?

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    I don't want to be pessimistic about it, but I doubt you can, simply because the Applications (Alfred, BetterTouchTool...) will launch only after you login. All the shortcuts you set up needs their "daemons" (background process) to be active in order to work. And they only get active after you login. By the way, I'm curious: is this to "unlock" your login screen as fast as possible? The operation isn't long: click on your user (if you have more than one) and enter your password. If your password is too long and security is not an issue, change for a short one. – Yoric Jan 8 at 7:11

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