How do I remove 3 arrows in a black rectangle on the top right of my iPad screen? This is not an app and does not move.

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  • Along with what @DaniilManokhin suggested, it may be helpful to include details on which model iPad you are using as well as which version of iOS it is running. – Jake3231 Jan 8 at 2:16
  • Is it a screen protector? Can you see it on screenshots? Can you post a picture? – John Keates Jan 9 at 1:57

One thing to check is if you have enabled Assistive Touch or Switch Control.

These are enabled and disabled in the Settings app: -> General -> Accessibility

enter image description here

  • The assistive touch icon is a white circle in a black rectangle and doesn’t match the OP’s description – user310476 Jan 7 at 21:59
  • I didn't say it has top be exactly Assistive Touch, just posted a suggestion where to look at. – Yarik Jan 7 at 22:01
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