In TextWrangler I cannot find a way to have variable names in bash highlighted. I.e. I want to highlight all words in a different colour that start with $.

In my Preferences I have selected to use a different colours for variables, however this isn't applied to bash/Unix Shell scripts: Preferences Pane of TextWrangler

This is a screenshot of what a bash script looks like in TextWrangler for me, with no different highlighting for variable names: Screenshot of a bash script

I had a look into my custom Color Scheme file under ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextWrangler/Color\ Schemes/Tabea.bbColorScheme, but as in the Preferences it seems that there are no additional options for Unix Shell Scripts, although there are a lot for other languages, such as JavaScript, etc.

Is it possible that there is simply no Rule set up in TextWrangler to identify Variables in Unix Shell Scripts..?

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