Is there a way to get offline Spotify playlists on an Apple Watch?


Spotify does offer an Apple Watch app. Link.

Check out this Apple Support article on how to add or remove apps from your Apple Watch.

All you need for Spotify to show on your Apple Watch is the Spotify app installed on your iPhone and an account with us. Just open it on your watch and log in to start playing!

To get offline songs and playlists you will need a Premium Subscription:

Apple Watch allows your to add up to 2GB of local music to it directly. So you can add downloaded Spotify to your Apple Watch to listen them offline without a iPhone nearby. However, Spotify music are protected by DRM, only Premium users can download and save Spotify songs offline.

The Spotify Premium page lists the pricing options and lets you purchase a subscription. Currently, it costs 9.99 EUR/month for a single subscription.

In the future to see if an app is available for an Apple Watch you can go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and on the app page you’ll see a note saying offers Apple Watch app.

  • this doesnt work – Antheloth Jan 21 at 17:00
  • @Antheloth what part of it doesn't work? – user310476 Jan 21 at 17:46
  • adding the music to the watch – Antheloth Jan 22 at 11:56
  • @Antheloth is your account premium? – user310476 Jan 22 at 13:01
  • yes and i have offline playlists – Antheloth Jan 23 at 12:00

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