I have a script (in R) where I specify the path to some data. The script ran on my computer's High Sierra. After updating to Movaje, I get "path non-existent" error messages so my script no longer runs.

So I:

  1. Use the Terminal to go to the folder I want

  2. Copy-paste the path from the Terminal to my R script. I see no differences between the two bits of text, but Mojave seems to see something. My old line doesn't run, the new one -copied from the Terminal- does.

I can work with this, but would like to understand, where could the differences be?

  • What exactly is this path?? – Tom Gewecke Jan 6 at 22:54
  • "~/Dropbox/1_SUBFOLDER/2_SUBFOLDER/analysisElisa/ROIsAllToolboxes/" – elisa Jan 7 at 13:18

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