I've got a spreadsheet in Numbers which was a .xlsx file previously. In Windows I used to have one the columns of this spreadsheet to be shown in a Farsi/Persian/Iranian font. This column is only meant to show numbers in Farsi.

When replicating this in Numbers by installing the same font I used in Windows and setting that column to use that font. However, it seems it just changes the numbers to that font, but instead of the numbers being written in Farsi numerals they are shown in the "regular" numerals like 1, 2, 3...

I believe it's possible to just write each cell individually by changing the keyboard to Farsi, but this is an extensive column and I'd like to do this manually.

I can try to provide further details if needed. Thank you!

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    What is the font you are using? Do you get the same result when you use a standard Apple font like Geeza Pro? – Tom Gewecke Jan 6 at 12:16
  • @TomGewecke I tried using a font called F_titr which was the one I used in Windows. I tried with the Geeza Pro font, but I got the same behaviour. It seems I was wrong and if I change the keyboard to Farsi and write the numbers they will appear in Farsi while typing but will be changed back to latin numeral when I press Enter. From what I could gather it seems Numbers only allows to set the entire spreadsheet to a given language and is not able to mix two languages? I changed the language to Farsi and everything became Farsi. – Sasha Fonseca Jan 6 at 16:01

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