I've wiped out my computer and am attempting to reinstall macOS as the final step of the process to trade in my Macbook Air; however, I get the "untrusted_cert_title" error and am unable to proceed. I've tried updating the date command per instructions I've found online, but continue to receive errors. Any tips? Thank you!

Terminal command

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    Welcome to Ask Different. Are you following Apple support on how to erase a Mac from recovery boot and reinstall? If so, please edit that KB in your question. If you are following some other documented procedure - perhaps showing that will help us help you. It sounds like you did some research - be sure to show your research on the body of the question : - ) – bmike Jan 5 at 16:38
  • @bmike i found the issue below – Daniil Manokhin Jan 5 at 16:49

You don't execute MMDDHHMMYY. You replace all those characters with the current date information.

If we were performing/entering this command in Terminal right now, since it is 16:14 for me on 05/01/18, we would enter the following command: date 0105161418 and then hit "enter/return".

01 - 05/01/18

05 - 05/01/18

16 - 16:14

14 - 16:14

18 - 2018

  • I can't believe it didn't occur to me to plug in the actual values. That did it. Thank you so much! – Jen Jan 5 at 23:00
  • @Jen no problem – Daniil Manokhin Jan 5 at 23:00

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