One of my phones is an iPhone SE and another an iPhone 5S.

When you go to phone.app -> Recents the same calls appear on both devices.

They are both on the same Apple ID so this is probably why.

In iCloud Settings I found no option to disable this.

How can this be stopped without changing Apple ID's on one device?

  • You have the obvious solution, why not apply it? – Solar Mike Jan 4 at 20:21
  • @SolarMike What do you mean? I said I don’t want them to be on separate accounts. And I don’t want to disable it – user310476 Jan 4 at 20:23
  • What I meant is clear. Both phones are doing what is required by showing a missed call. – Solar Mike Jan 4 at 20:23
  • @SolarMike and my question is how can I disable it – user310476 Jan 4 at 20:25
  • Do they both have the same phone number? I thought 'Rececents' only listed calls to a specific phone number. – fsb Jan 4 at 20:33

The problem is caused by sharing the same Apple ID on both devices.

According to this, this, and this sites, you can either

  1. Create a separate Apple ID for one of the phones, or
  2. Turn off Settings -> (Your Apple ID) -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive:

enter image description here

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