Selected text on PDFs in Preview shows up in dark brown since upgrading to Mojave. When selecting text on a PDF with black text on light background, Preview uses the dark highlight that I assume is meant for white text on dark background in Dark Mode.

enter image description here

I am inclined to believe that it's a problem with PDFKit as the same behavior is observable in Skim, which also relies on PDFKit.

However, when viewing the same PDF in Safari, the selection shows up fine:

enter image description here

I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro with macOS 10.14.2. Dark mode selected in System Preferences.

enter image description here

What I have tried and which did not resolve the issue:

  • Restart
  • Manually choose a lighter color in System Preferences.
  • Select Light Mode in System Preferences and restart.
  • Delete com.apple.preview ~/Library/Containers/ and restart.

When choosing a lighter color in the preferences, it does change the color of the selection to a more blue-ish or more green-ish brown or whatever, but it remains dark. Even when choosing white it shows up in brown.

I just came across a non-Apple and non-PDF (edit2) program where the same thing happens: BBEdit. Text on white background while in Dark Mode appears in dark brown when selected. It does not happen in TextEdit.



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