I think I have more dust (and/or cat hair) in my machine, affecting hard drive or fan, which is now making noise. ~2 years ago it was dust, Apple cleaned for me. It's hard for me to make it back to Apple now (2 little kids at home, can't be without machine for days). I've never opened my current machine - would people advise against trying to vacuum dust myself? Any obvious or not-so-obvious pointers if I decide to open up?

  • Blowing dust out is very easy, you just remove the back cover, and using compressed air (canned works fine) blow the dust out of the fan (there's no more hard drive, it's SSD.) That said, what noise is it actually making?. I've never heard dust make noise, but the bearings in the fan motor is a different story. Can you post an audio clip of the noise you hear? – Allan Jan 2 at 16:25
  • Thanks Allan. After I posted this my trackpad stopped allowing me to click (I could scroll but not click). I followed another person's advice and restarted holding Shift Option Command and it started working again. I also don't hear the noise at the moment, though I don't know if the two things are related. I'll let you know if the noise comes back and will post a clip - thanks again! – Jonathan Labozzetta Jan 2 at 16:39
  • The noise could be a failing track pad (the haptic "engine") or the failure could be due to a swollen battery. Cleaning dust is easy, but if diagnosis is not your cup of tea, it might be best to just take it in for diagnosis. – Allan Jan 2 at 17:07

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