Since updating to MacOS Mojave, whenever I touch my keyboard or move my mouse to wakeup the computer from display sleep, I can see all the open windows as if I was logged in- but without any control over them. About a half a second to three seconds later the login prompt appears. This is a huge invasion of my privacy, anyone can look at my open files such as open SSH connections to private servers or even my facebook open in the browser. The only way to essentially prevent viewing before logging, in is to minimize all my open windows and remove all files from the desktop, alternatively, I could shutdown the computer but that's most definitely not an option due to multiple users.

This never used to be the case, and I'm frustrated that it's currently the case as it's as bad as shoulder surfing (looking at an active computer screen for sensitive information while a user is accessing a computer). Please, if anyone knows how to fix this, I would be grateful.

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