I have an old iPhone 4 with the latest iOS 7.1.2.

This Phone is still working and the battery is still good enough - So I thought it could be a good device (cheap and light) to show my simple presentations in my class.

I have the fitting VGA adapter so that no further hardware is necessary.

As I would like to create my presentations on my PC, I would opt for the webbased presentation service slides.com. I have wifi in my class so online access to slides.com from the iPhone is not a problem.

The first issue I had to solve was the problem, that the internet page is not shown on the projector via the VGA adapter. I found out that only keynote has the built-in function to show the page on the vga monitor but with websites shown on safari it didn't work.

But I found an app that actually opens a webpage and displays it also via VGA. Great so far.

The next problem is now: I want to control my slides via a remote. The standard presenting devices for laptops have a USB dongle which you have to attach to one of the usb ports. In case of my iPhone 4 I thought I could try it with a bluetooth device but my first tests with a normal apple bluetooth keyboard showed that this bluetooth keyboard cannot control the browser (also Safari) at all.

So this is my question: Is there a way to control safari on my iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 via a bluetooth keyboard?

Would the accessibility features maybe help?

Thanks a lot!!!

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    You can open Powerpoint presentations with Keynote and use another iOS device to remote control Keynote. – TimD Jan 2 at 10:41
  • Thanks Tim. Appreciate any idea. But I would like to avoid a second IOS device and I like the easy way to update a presentation online like slides.com. For powerpoint I would need to have ppt installed, upload it somewhere and load it again from that somewhere. Honestly, It's a hassle for me. I like the straightforward solutions. – NilsB Jan 2 at 13:03
  • What device(s) are you using to control the iPhone? – TimD Jan 3 at 4:33
  • Using your bluetooth keyboard and an iOS web browser that supports secondary display, have you tried the keyboard shortcuts for Slides.com? Navigation & Keyboard Shortcuts – TimD Jan 7 at 6:39

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