I need to create either an ISO, ZIP archive, or DMG image on Mac OS that is LOCKED, and can only be unlocked and decrypted using a special external keyfile. Essentially, this is the exact same thing that Veracrypt would do, except I need Mac OS to be able to natively unlock the disk image, without having to install an external program like veracrypt to read it. Is there a way to do this on Mac OS? I’ve looked everywhere and the only guides or tutorials that come up are locking a mac os disk image using a password. I would prefer not to use a password for the sake of controlling distribution of a file. With a password locked dmg, anyone can share the password on a forum or social media site. I would prefer to distribute my content freely, but require people to log in to my website in order download the keyfile to unlock the distributed content. If you can figure out a hack for this one, much kudos to you, as you are surely an advanced Mac creative! Thanks everyone!

  • Any pros out there who can help me with this? – DanRan Jan 3 at 0:13
  • What’s the problem with using veracrypt? Seems the most straightforward. Alternatively, look into openssl command line tools but you may not get a nice GUI with it. – Wildcard Mar 4 at 16:59

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