Context: I prefer to switch the user instead of closing and opening all apps and windows I need for work every day. Therefore I want to set up two users for myself on one machine: one for work and one for private activities. Since I have only 120 GB hard drive, most of my files are synched with icloud, keeping locally only the things I regularly use.

Question: How can I use the same physical space on the hard drive for the two user's icloud local storages so I would not have the same files stored twice on the same computer?

Note: I am aware of the Shared folder - but that one is not backed-up with icloud.

  • I think if you don't download the files from iCloud, you're good to go! Since you can access all your files when you internet access, I think this may be something you wanna do – Abby Jan 1 at 19:54

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