In this question I generated the images below to explain why I can't use TTFs for that 1-bit display application.

In this answer it is explained that text on my laptop is displayed with sub-pixel rendering, and explains why colors are used for the sub-pixels in some cases.

Question: But now I would like to understand why on the same screen I can see both gray scale sub-pixeling and color sub-pixeling. Is this my Chrome browser doing it one way (for the SE gray font) and MacOS doing it a different way for Finder (color sub-pixels)? I'm surprised that fonts are rendered into pixels differently in different windows on my computer!

Gray on left is a screenshot from the SE question editor window, color on right is from a Finder window in MacOS.

enter image description here enter image description here

I've done a rough analysis of the colors used in hopes that it might teach me something, but I can't really gain any insight beyond "its a red-blue thing".

enter image description here

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