For years I've used Quick Look to cycle through large numbers of photos so I can tag them as a group. I would select the last photo in a list, press shift, and then use the up button to select as many items as I wanted, while viewing each photo that would be added to the group. I could then tag the group as a whole.

In Mojave, this functionality appears to be broken. When I press the up button to include more photos in the selection, Quick Look stays on the first photo opened. I can use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through the photos in the list, but this is a significant extra step (considering that I routinely have to tag thousands of photos). Moreover, if you resize the Quick Look window, the left and right arrow keys no longer work to cycle through the photos.

Any thoughts on ways to get this functionality? Or do I just need to describe what's been lost to Apple and hope they'll bother to fix it?

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