I have shared albums set up in photos for mac (mojave) and in the preferences of photos i have the box "include location information for published items" UNTICKED.

I obviously own the albums and my wife is one of the people i share the album with. When i go onto her mac and open photos then select some of the shared albums, ALL of the metadata is visible to her, date, time, location etc.

Am i doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

  • I'm not a user of Photos, but in Lightroom publishing is a very specific thing. When I publish, it's essentially an export which (if slected) strips out the location meta data. Since your wife is "in your family" and has access, she may, by default see everything. See if the picture(s) still have the meta data if you publish it to, say, an anonymous user. – Allan Dec 31 '18 at 18:10

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