I am looking for an AppStore API, official or 3rd party, that would enable me to both search for (using keywords) and download apps. I'd be downloading free apps, such as:

There is a 3rd party Google Play Unofficial Python API available, but does such a thing (preferably in Python) exist for the AppStore?


There are no official API to search the iOS App Store. Also, starting with iTunes 12.7, Apple has removed the ability to browse, search for and download iOS apps on a Mac/PC.

The only currently official way for public users to download and install apps is directly an iOS device via the App Store. This is done as a step towards optimizing the installed app bundle size depending on device type and capabilities.

There is a official iTunes Search API (with very limited support for apps) which you go through and see if meets some of your needs:

  • Thank you for your answer. In the link you have provided, the software portion of the entity row, it only states that there are software, iPadSoftware, macSoftware which effectively rules out the presence of the general iOS API. – KaanTheGuru Dec 31 '18 at 10:53

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