I am trying to build a workflow in iOS Shortcuts app that helps me sift through and clean up my iOS photos. The idea is to randomly select 20 or so non-favourite photos from iOS Photos app (I have that part working) and pass the result into a loop which - for every photo - displays the photo and then brings up a menu that asks me to either do nothing or sort the current photo into one of two albums (I have the menu and sorting part working, too). I can’t seem to find an action in the Shortcuts app that displays a photo object inside a workflow, though.

Can anyone help?


Quick Look will display the input in a pop up.

The code blocks:

Repeat 20 Times

    Find Photos
    Sort by random
    Limit enabled 
    Get 1 item 

    Quick look

    Choose from menu



        Delete photos

    End menu

End repeat

A link to the code:



Quick Look will preview passed photos in a modal popup, with Done and Share button.

Quick Look shortcut

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