I have all my photos in a per year folder under


I manage my photos using Finder, Lightroom and many other tools. So I want to keep my image in a classic folder, not within a Photos library.

So when I imported my photos within Photos, I unchecked the Copy items to the Photos library Importing option

I have imported my photos within Photos. But when I delete one photo with command + backspace, the photo is not deleted from the hard drive. It is put in a Recently Deleted folder and hidden from the image library.

And if I click on the Delete All button, the image no more appears in Photos but is still on the hard drive at the exact same place.

How to delete a photo using Photos?

And on top of these, if I delete a photos using another tools, like Finder, Photos has no command to refresh and remove the deleted photos from the Photos library.

What am I doing wrong here?

  • Great question, and well stated. I use some of the same apps as you, and find the logic (?) used in Photos to be inscrutable (not to mention annoying!). – Seamus Dec 28 '18 at 6:44

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