tmutil compare gives differences between two backups. But I wonder how do I sort the output by file size? With GNU sort, there is the --human-numeric-sort option for this, but the sort which is part of macOS doesn't support this. So how can I sort the result by file size?

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I don't know exactly how sort -h is supposed to work since it mixes the B, K, M and G prefixes, but it was at least workable for me in Mojave:

cat tmutil-compare | grep "M  " | cut -c 3- | sort -h

To slightly improve upon Andreas' answer, you can sort without having to cut out the beginning part that indicates if it's an addition, removal, or change:

tmutil compare backup-1 backup-2 | grep "^[\!+-]" | sort -h -k 2 (The grep part filters out the summary lines)

The names "backup-1/2" are the full paths to two timestamped backup directories, eg /Volumes/Backup/Backups.backupdb/Computer-Name/2020-09-10-123220. You can also pass in sub-folders if you just want to compare those, though I think they need to both point to the same path within their respective backups.

Or if you want to filter by just additions (+) and modifications (!) without removals (-), for example:

tmutil compare backup-1 backup-2 | grep "^[\!+]" | sort -h -k 2

Note that the "!" needs to be escapes as it's got special meaning in bash.


Please use the following command that works perfectly for me on mac. It takes the second field (size of file) and then sorts it using human readable format that honors K, M, G notation for size.

sort -k2 -h "filename"

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