My email address no longer active and valid and I need to change it.

Once I log in and access the "Change Apple ID" page and enter a valid email address, I get an error message "This email address is not available. Choose a different address."

  • log in with what credentials – Buscar웃 Dec 21 '18 at 16:45

Most likely the problem is is that that email is used as a recovery email for another Apple ID.

According to this Apple Support discussion:

The issue was that I wanted to create an account with an address that was already listed as a secondary address for an another, older, Apple ID account.

This situation blocks the Apple ID creation process (and because the email is not a primary address for any Apple ID yet, there is no birthdate associated with it and the recovery emails go nowhere)

To solve the problem I went to id.apple.com, clicked "manage your ID" and logged in with my old account credentials.

I then deleted the email address that I wanted to use to create an ID from the list of "alternate emails" associated with the old account and victory! After that the Apple ID creation process went fine.

  • iirc, you can add it back later as a recovery address; but this one stumped me for years, as someone who has managed to collect over the years a mac.com address, a personal domain address for when iTunes was started, then a me.com & lastly an icloud.com... which is at least correctly tied to the me.com... 15 years of ID juggling & still we cannot merge IDs... :\ – Tetsujin Dec 21 '18 at 17:17

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