I want to ask the same question as here: Is it advisable to calibrate the battery on a MacBook? but for iPhone.

Should I calibrate iPhone's battery? For example with make it completely empty and full charge it after that.


According to this Apple Support Communities user tip:

So what are the "rules" for charging? The most basic one is charge whenever you want to, for a long as you want to. There's no reason to let the device drain completely before charging (in fact, it's a bad idea to do that on a regular basis), and there's no need to wait until it reaches 100% before removing it from the power source. You can charge when it's at 40% and disconnect when it reaches 80%, or any other values, without hurting the phone. And you don't have to turn it off to charge it; in fact, you shouldn't.

There is no reason to calibrate the battery.

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