What font is used in the macOS Mojave GUI? I am specifically looking for the font on the Menu bar.

I did find another post here, but it only showed the fonts for the old MacOS versions.
What's the font in Mac OS X's GUI?

The reason I am posting this question is because I am not sure if the font has changed after Mac OS El Capitan.

  • The dupe is still valid to Mojave. I updated the info there.
    – Tetsujin
    Dec 21 '18 at 9:32

The system font used in the current version of Apple's software platforms is called San Francisco. It is a sans-serif typeface which is developed by Apple. It was first released in 2014. It is a proprietary in nature.

You can learn more about the typeface by checking these links:

From the Wikipedia page:

It was the original system typeface of watchOS and tvOS and has replaced Helvetica Neue and Lucida Grande as the system typeface of macOS and iOS since OS X El Capitan and iOS 9

Apple restricts the usage of the typeface by others. It is licensed to registered third-party developers only for the design and development of applications for Apple's platforms

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