I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7) for six years which means no Apple Care or Warranty. One day, Just after a Normal Boot the Audio was not coming and the Audio was permanently muted but since I heard a lot about these issues on MCP from this era I did a small research on google and found these two websites, one from Apple and another from Joseph Hall's Blog. Joseph's Solution worked a dozen times and never did again. I tried the Toothpick method(Stick a nonconductor inside the audio jack) as said on the Apple Forum but no luck. After some further research, I figured out that the switch between Optical and Digital is something which the IC in the motherboard controls. Now I can only hear the output from a headphone or via Airplay (Apple TV). Should I change the motherboard in order to hear the sound? Thank You!

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Yes - you’ll need to repair the hardware switch or the sensor circuit that detects a connected headphone jack if it’s not just a simple cleaning. The logic board is the easiest component to swap if you can’t do surface mount soldering to repair the board itself.

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