I bought a second hand iPhone 4, and I cannot create an Apple ID since the language appearing is Chinese. How do I change it to English?


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设置(Setting) -> 通用(General) -> 语言与地区 (Language and Region) -> iPhone 语言(iPhone Language) , Choose English.


Change iPhone language from Chinese to English

I do not know if you can read Chinese so here is a video to help you with the process of changing language.



Since the text is not recognizable, you can follow along in the Setting app with the help of this Apple Support article, Change the language on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Take the help of icons and count of items in a section in the Settings app to navigate through the Settings app. Specifically, you need to go to General → Language & Region → iPhone Language.

As it's a second hand iPhone, it's also advisable to erase it and set it up afresh. This will also reset the device language back to English.

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