I had a problem backing-up my (mid-2007) iMac running El Capitan using SuperDuper. I sent SuperDuper the error log and they suggested that I delete StoreData found at /private/var/log/powermanagement/StoreData

Can I simply put StoreData in the trash and empty it? Will deleting the file cause any problems for my system? Do I need to re-create a blank StoreData file somehow? If so, what is the file extension?


Answers to your questions as follows:

  • Yes, you can safely remove the /private/var/log/powermanagement/StoreData file as suggested. If you're overly concerned about it, feel free to just make a copy of it first before trashing it.

    Note: You'll be prompted for an Admin password before being able to move it to Trash.

  • No, deleting the file will not cause any problems for your system.

  • No, you do not need to recreate the file. It'll automatically be recreated again when needed. In fact, the system will most likely recreate it within a few minutes of you trashing it.

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