Where does Firefox Quantum download updates prior to restart, and what should I delete to prevent a current update to occur after a restart? I want to manually update Firefox every time, but this time it I downloaded the update file by accident, and it's waiting for me to restart. I wish to locate it and delete it, so where is it storing it? I found the following


but I don't recognize nor understand the files within it as:


So I'm leery to delete these.

  • update.mar is a binary file that for v64.0 is 31648712 bytes update.status is a text file that for v64.0 contains "pending" update.version is a text file that for v64.0 contains "64.0" I've made a TM backup for the moment. Given the above information, I'm going to delete these three files, and if there's a failure, I'll post back. – bento Dec 14 '18 at 14:37

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