Since setting up a linux nas and thinking that smb is always kinda annoying and slow, I went to set up nfs. On my Linux clients, this works fine. However on macOS (High Sierra) I edited all the config files and (auto_master) and (auto_nfs) and these are recongized by automounter

sudo automount -cv

but when I cd or ls to the relevant directory ( I created /mnt for that, as supposedly /Volumes has issues ) nothing is shown, and the subdirectory below /mnt (or /Volumes or whatever) is not created. Worst of all, there is no error message in terminal or in system logs. While mounting manually, everything works though. So, does anybody have an idea how to debug this? I tried to set the verbosity and tracing level in autofs.conf, but this doesn't seem to do anything. Any tipps appreciated. I can post the config files if you think it'll help though they are quite short. I looked at relevant questions and blog posts, but nothing seems to change anything. If at least there was an error message...

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