I am using a 2015 15" MacBook Pro with 512 GB storage. There are a couple of issues that happened very quickly, so I will give you the comlete timeline:

  1. I logged into macOS.

  2. I noticed that Caps Lock is on, and doesn't respond; the same thing with the letter that is between o and q.

  3. I panicked. I logged into Windows (using Boot Camp).

  4. The same thing repeats.

  5. Now when I try to get back to macOS (used Option, used Boot Camp in windows, even tried recovery mode to repair disk,) I boot into Windows, and there is no Mac image in Boot Camp.

I have upgraded to macOS Mojave. I have allotted 150 GB to Windows and 350 to macOS. When I see the storage in windows it is showing only 465 GB. I don't know what to make of it.

I don't use Time Machine.


To make this work again, are you able to boot into the recovery partition? (Try rebooting while holding Command + r keys). If not, try booting into Target Disk Mode using Boot Camp, and then try booting into the recovery partition.

Once on it, try using diskutil to see if the drive is functional.

Basically, (when on the recovery partition) launch Terminal and type diskutil list. It will give you a list of current disks. Please add that list, or even a picture of your screen with that list, so that I can identify which disk#s# you need to boot onto/repair/reinstall macOS to.

But, if you're lucky, booting into Target Disk Mode and then into the recovery partition will fix this.

As for why Caps Lock and "that key between o and q" (I don't know what that is) weren't responding, that may be a keyboard issue, I don't really have any way of knowing without checking it out.

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