I have a client that wants to connect an OS X Lion macbook air to his business network remotely, and I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to do this easily. Normally, I would set up a VPN server and allow for a connection in this way, but that is not a process I can recommend to "less techy" people. Is there an easier (while still secure) way to set up a business network connection remotely? Thanks beforehand.


I don't see a reason not to set up a VPN. You can add the VPN menu to the status bar and your client can simply select their VPN and enter a password when prompted. It's no more difficult than say, a TeamViewer connection setup. (In fact, VPN is arguably easier, since the system stores your username and merely prompts for a password. TeamVewer requires an ID and a password.)

I just began using VPN this week, and it's super easy. Really. To add VPN to the status bar:

Add VPN to Status Bar

Then, your client can simply click to connect, like so:

Click to connect to VPN

(VPN info blurred for security reasons.)

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  • I fully agree with you. The VPN setup in Lion is quite easy. – gentmatt Mar 19 '12 at 8:42

You could try programs like Hamachi or even Teamviewer which now supports VPN. They both have easy to use installers for the less tech-savvy.

Otherwise if you have access to a Mac computer, you can create(export) a network preference file which can be double-clicked to automatically load the VPN settings.

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