Using HTML, JS, or anything that can be loaded into the iOS browser, Im trying to find a way to modifiy the URL bar to show something other than the URL (title, text, anything).

From what I have read (its been asked on here a lot) and elsewhere it appears this is not possible.

I accepted this for a while until now as I have just seen on my iphone running 12.1 that a google search changes the URL bar to the searched term, even when you click in the URL bar, it just shows the searched term?

So what magic are they doing?

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I dont think it is to do with google, it is to do with the iOS default search engine integration.

To change your search engine:

Settings -> Safari -> Search Engine

Shown in the picture below:

search Engine

When I select bing as my search engine the same thing happens:


When I change to google:


So it is iOS integration

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