I m trying to install some drivers, (Line6 / Digidesign nd Zoom ) . These drivers (all latest versions that works with Sierra) are not working and my devices (mainly audio units) are obviously not recognised . I read everywhere that the solution is goin to System Preference then Security nd Privacy and then on General window click on Allow button . The problem is that There isn't that button . I attach the pic to show it .

allow button??

  • There is no "Allow" button. It sounds like the instructions are incorrect. Can you post a link to them or take a screenshot of of portion that tells you to do this? – Allan Nov 29 '18 at 13:50
  • Same happens to me, any solution? – y.luis May 7 at 22:12

The allow button dynamically appears when you try to install and use for example 3rd party kernel extensions.

Re-run the installer for the drivers for the hardware, and revisit Security & Privacy in System Preferences. It should show up then.

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