Since my Macbook has limited storage, I use an SD card which is mounted all the time. Besides that, I use an external HD quite frequently. At night, I close the lid and put the mac to sleep, with the external HD mounted. During sleep I see the light of the HD dim and I don't hear the drive spinning anymore. The following day I open the lid, and it all works like magic. This was how it worked up til recently.

Since a while, possible the latest High Sierra update, this has changed.

  1. The external drive is ejected.
  2. I have to press the power button to wake up the laptop. But not all the time.
  3. I get a different wake up screen, a dimmed screen and a progress bar.
  4. The SD card, which is also an external drive, is not ejected.

After this completes I get the normal login screen, and then everything is normal, with the option to mount the disk.


Why is one external drive ejected and the other not? How can I keep both mounted?

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