I'm trying to watch a web presentation (passworded, can't provide a live link) arranged like this: web page mockup with 3 panes: video, notes, slideshow When I view the site on an iPhone, Safari "helpfully" zooms the video to full screen, covering the rest of the page (which I want to see).

I tried the pinch gesture, but whenever I do that, the page interprets the touch as a pause click. Then when I hit play again, the video zooms back to full screen. Repeat ad nauseam.

Is there a way to disable the video zoom feature entirely? Alternately, is there a 3rd party browser that doesn't have the video zoom feature?

  • Which 3rd party browsers have you tried?
    – nohillside
    Jan 4, 2019 at 18:16

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I have not found a way to disable video zoom.

Puffin browser does not have video zoom and can be used as an alternative.

Link to app.



Notice how the video is not in full screen.

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