I use iCloud software for Windows 7 (with the latest update).

GOOD: My old iPhone 6s+ photos are all downloaded to iCloud PC app.

PROBLEM: New iPhoneX (iOS 12.0.1) pics do not sync (few thousand of them). If I try to redownload pics from 2018, it only downloads 6s+ photos again and then it stops.

HELPFUL INFO: 1. ALL my pics are visible on iCloud on the web.

  1. In Windows iCloud app:

    • My Photo Stream is not selected
    • iCloud Photo Libarary, Download new Photos and Keep High efficiency original are selected.
  2. On iPhone X: iCloud Photos is clicked, Optimise iPhone Storage is selected, Download and keep originals is not and Upload to my Photo Stream is not. Shared Albums is on (though I don't use it).

(I no longer use the old iPhone, but preserved the same iCloud account)


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