I am working on my first Keynote presentation, and my first slide has a series of complex animations which results in a slide which is very different from how it started. I wish to maintain the end state of the first slide when I transition into the next slide so that I can keep some continuity in the story.

I was wondering, is there any way of viewing the final state of a slide, after all animations are complete? I can then copy everything into the next slide. I'm not able to find anything that would let me do this. The designer only shows me elements as at the beginning sans any translations/animations.


This is not possible. A really quirky workaround would be to export the slides as PDF or images including all the animation phases and then insert the final animation phase into the new slide.

  • Thanks, I tried this but when copying the final state into the new slide all the sizes and positioning were messed up. I have decided to try and do a one slide wonder... dissolving through headings as I go rather than switch slides. Only problem is my presenter notes are now monolithic, but I can handle that. – Luke Nov 27 '18 at 13:08

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