Is it possible to change the way Photos is naming the memories? Basically, it is quite stupid to name it using Day-Month-Year order, since an export of the memories using the option "Create subfolder with the name of the memory" will export the pictures in a folder that cannot be sorted by date later on...

Let's say I have multiple memories of 2018 on the 1st day of each month, then the generated folder will be sorted as follows:

  • 1 April 2018
  • 1 March 2018
  • 1 September 2018
  • 2 January 2018
  • 2 April 2018

That's pretty annoying, isn't it?

Thanks for the help.

  • unfortunately that sorting works by using the first then second character, ie 1A, 1M, 1S, followed by 2, and not by actual date. It sorts by name not date – Ruskes Nov 25 '18 at 18:06
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    That's precisely the problem, thanks for reformulating. – Myoch Nov 25 '18 at 18:12

if you open the folder in Finder it can be made to list the date created. Open a finder window and click on the button that looks like a gear with the word action under it. The last entry is 'Show View Options'. You can click on this and you'll get a new pane where you can select what columns to display in a finder window. Be sure to select Date Created. You can then sort the files by date created and separate them however you see fit.

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    No, that won't work. I am talking about Memory Album Export here, so basically Photos is creating new files and not in the correct order anyway, so this 'Date Created' won't do the trick. – Myoch Nov 25 '18 at 17:54

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