im having a sort of issue importing pictures and videos from my iphone. my iphone says that there are 2900 pictures and that they are taking up roughly 11 gigs of space. when i plug my iphone into my mac, i have it set so that image capture opens. when image capture does open, and i press "import all", it does as i say, but somehow manages to import almost 3200 pictures and videos. so image capture imports 300 more pictures than what is possible. however, thats not the only weird part. these 3200 pictures and videos take up less than 10 gigs on my mac. so my question is, how is image capture importing more than there really is? and how are 3200 photos taking up 9.6 gigs (roughly) on my mac, while 2900 on my iphone take up 11 gigs? even if the discrepancy between numbers didnt exist, the total sizes would indicate that the mac isnt importing absolutely everything, or is importing at reduced resolutions, the latter of which i do not believe to be the case (image capture has always imported full res)

additional info: number of pics on iphone was taken to be what it says at the bottom of the "all photos" album, and number of pics on mac ascertained by what image capture said, and confirmed by opening the folder they were imported to, highlighting all and pressing "get info". iphone is running the latest ios 12.1, and mac is running the latest el capitan 10.11.6. the two are connected by the factory iphone usb to lightning cable. there were no additional pics laying around to confuse me. this was the first import to this particular mac

before you ask: i havent checked manually whether all my photos are there on my mac. that is my last resort as going thru 3000 pictures is gonna take a while. also some of you might think of the .aae image files (the edited versions of original photos edited within the ios photos app) as being the reason for the discrepancy between the number of pictures on the mac and the iphone. i already thought of this and when i checked how many .aae files there were, it was 40, which isn't even close to 300

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