I haven't been able to find the following feature set all in one place:

  • offline access :: Something which guarantees offline changes aren't lost.

  • quick entry :: I should be able to activate it with a global hot key and it should provide me a quick entry window, either HUD-like a la Anxiety or Menu Bar centric a la Alarms

  • synchronized :: It should synchronize across my iPhone/iPad/laptop, either via iCal TODOs or whatever.

  • 0 wait mobile entry :: Related: some mobile apps synchronize before I can enter in a new item. This sucks. I want to be able to add a TODO on the go with no wait (and definitely with no wifi).

  • no overdue, or autoadvancing overdue :: I don't want to spend any time maintaining my todo list. If something is overdue, it should autoadvance to my "today" view/inbox or whatever. I should be able to see at a glance all my tasks (including overdue ones) that I need to do today.

  • due dates optional :: I shouldn't need to assign something a date.

Bonus points for something that's stored as a simple text file. I'm open to solutions like Notesy + nvALT + Dropbox. That particular combination fails because I use Notesy for other notekeeping, and so I can't satisfy the zero-wait constraint.


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Check out OmniFocus (available for Mac, iPhone and iPad). It's a bit pricey, but does everything you want and a whole lot more. I can personally attest to the quality of these apps — they're fantastic and use all three of them every day.


Try Wunderlist or Trello.

  • Neither of those seem to provide a global hotkey. I'd also like offline access, which Trello doesn't provide. I didn't list that initially, thanks for the pointers though--
    – aresnick
    Commented Dec 22, 2011 at 2:47

I recommend using the built-in Reminders app. If I'm right it should meet all of your needs...

I also recently searched for a TO-DO app and all the time I didn't realize I had one in front of my eyes :D

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