I am trying to make use of registax software for astrophotography image stacking on my Macbook. I first installed Wine using Homebrew which hanged on startup due to a known Homebrew Core issue. This led me to directly install Wine from provided .pkg file. Now, I have registax running excellently within the Wine environment.

Before using registax, I also need to pre-process my Astro images using PIPP software. It is installed via Winebottler. When I downloaded WineBottlerCombo_1.8.6.dmg, it also includes Wine app and asks me to drag-and-drop both Wine and WineBottler within Applications folder. But I already have Wine stable installed as explained above.

My doubts includes:

  1. Do I also need Wine app bundled with WineBottler?
  2. Is the bundled Wine app only used for Mac app package creation by WineBottler?
  3. Should I just use Wine app bundled with WineBottler and uninstalled Wine stable I previously installed directly from winehq?

Thank You!!!


For anyone stumbling onto this question:

Wine is bundled with Winebottler as it is needed to create standalone Mac app packages (this is how winebottler works, unsure why it cannot use vanilla Wine (stable) app).

So, both are needed:

  1. Wine (stable) installed via winehq to run Wine applications
  2. Wine installed via winebottler to create standalone Mac app packages

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