About 60% of all emails I receive through Apple Mail are spam. This email account is an address I am receiving the spam is under a year old(although the mac.com apple account I have had almost 17 years not icloud/me.com email address until recently.) The name for the account is basically like WilliamSmith@icloud.com in how common it is(I wish I was joking.)

Is there any way maybe by routing it through Gmail or a setting that might increase the amount of email spam that are caught? I am debating returning to Gmail do to mass amount of spam.

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    I use SpamSieve & have done for a decade or more. Not free, but might be worth a look at. – Tetsujin Nov 21 '18 at 13:20
  • I switched over to Microsoft's Outlook.com email service and can say that their filtering, while not perfect, has been better than any of the other services (gmail, yahoo, icloud, etc.) out there. I also use aliases (instead of the actual address. One I give out to friends and acquaintances, one I use for everything else and another that I use for website registrations. Then I create a rule that automatically sends everything from the "web registration" email to the Junk folder (with exceptions I make in additional rules). I hardly get SPAM now. – Allan Nov 21 '18 at 15:06

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