I have been using Windows for a couple of decades, and just got a MacBook Pro.

Under Windows, I was using WinSCP, with PuTTY. I just installed CyberDuck, and I know I should be able to use the built-in Mac Terminal, for PuTTY sessions. However, I would have to re-enter all the information (domain, login, password) every single time.

Any recommendations of what to use in macOS that can duplicate what I had with WinSCP, as close as possible?


use ~/.ssh/config file. In there you can set all your settings for a host etc. For ssh you should not be using passwords, but keys instead. by default ssh client on MacOS uses ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Some more info on that config file can be found here

Some more info on ssh keys can be found here

Or a little google search with those names will get you on route as well.

P.s. on the command line you can simply use scp (the thing that is ported to windows as WinSCP) to copy files from one place to another through ssh. Depends how much you depend on the GUI I guess.

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