Hello from newbie to everybody in the community. May I ask for you help on one matter that bugs me recently?

After exchanging my main drive for SSD in an old iMac (late 2009, 21.5-inch) I performed clean system install (the last officially supported 10.13.6) and migrated all my data via Migration Assistant from my most recent TM backup. Since then I cannot set up Mac analytics sharing preferences in "Security & Privacy > Privacy > Analytics" the way it used to be before. I would like to have all three positions "ON", however after quitting and restarting System Preferences first two appear unchecked no matter how many times I repeat the procedure.

I’ve created a new user account just for testing purposes and it behaves exactly the same way there so I came to a conclusion that it’s not caused by broken property list file within my home folder.

I have also restarted Mac in Safe Mode to let it clear system cache. No luck.

I appreciate any suggestions on what may cause the above issue. I would like to avoid clean install and manual copying of all data.

Thank you very much in advance.

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