I am looking into buying myself an original iMac, and I want to mess with the older system a little bit. Also, is it even remotely possible to change the RAM in the system to being over 256 MB. I am willing to do it even if it means changing out other parts to allow it to be possible.

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    This would probably be a much better fit for Retro Computing [It's not strictly off-topic here, but more people over there might know] – Tetsujin Nov 15 '18 at 19:36
  • Ok, I might keep it here just in case, but I will go there also. Thanks for the tip. – Randall Hall Nov 15 '18 at 19:38

Apple reports that this model can support a maximum of 128 MB of RAM. However, the "revision A" model "unofficially" can support a maximum of 384 MB of memory (one 128 MB and one 256 MB module) and the "revision B" model can use a maximum of 512 MB of memory (two 256 MB modules).


The maximum amount of RAM that the iMac G3 could accept was 384MB for the Rev. A model and 512MB of RAM for the Rev. B model.

This was done with a 128MB and a 256MB module or two 256MB modules of 144pin PC66 RAM, respectively.

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