I was building a Franken MacBook Pro ~2012 from some old computer parts I had lying around. It is an old body that had HD issues, an HD from a MAC that was won't turn on due to a bad power button sister board module, and 8 gigs of salvaged memory from a previous but compatible MacBook Pro.

I deal mostly in PC's, but I have reason to believe it doesn't have a recovery partition. Also, it won't load into any mode besides single user mode without Freezing. This includes the verbose mode where it also freezes. I've also tried running MAC OS from a USB (without the internal HD attached) and with it on an choosing in the (option+power) boot screen, but it won't load and this is my first time trying to make a MAC OS usb, so I'm not 100% sure If I did it correctly, but I have made several PC and Linux OS bootable USBs before. I haven't yet tried Target disk mode (due to lacking another Mac right now) but will try to borrow one to do so if you think that is the only step left.

Thanks in advance for everyone's input working or not! This is both a learning and practical exercise for me!

  • If it's c.2012 then it ought to respond to Cmd/opt[alt]/R at the boot chimes & connect to Apple for a fresh OS install – Tetsujin Nov 14 '18 at 19:30

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