I am reviewing a Word document using tracked changes and inserted comments. Halfway through the process, I can no longer type normally in the inserted comments. Each time I hit a specific key, what shows up is a corrupted text with multiple repeated letters, all of the repeated letters changing with an additional press on the keyboard. Pressing backspace generates no response.


  • ONLY this specific document that is affected. If I open a new document, all the comment typing functions work perfectly.
  • Tends to happen on files with large volumes of tracked changes and comments. It's as if I reach a certain volume of comments, and then BAM! No more commenting.

Solutions tried and failed:

  • Saving and restarting Microsoft Word
  • Restarting laptop

What I'm using:

  • Microsoft Word for Mac (2011, v.14.1.0)
  • 2013 Macbook Air (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6)
  • Laptop built-in keyboard

Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions!

  • While experiencing the issue in Word, do other apps behave normally? Nov 13, 2018 at 11:25


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