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So...I somehow messed up my macbook Pro model 1502 raetina 13" Late 2013, core i5, 4GB. I wanted to clean install High Sierra. Long story short I now have a macbook with one, yes one, there is no base drive, there are no partitions at all. I can't seem to find anywhere to download an installable version of high sierra anywhere. Is it possible to make a boot drive from the macos that I can boot with to erase my one drive? I'm sure there is a lot I don't know nor have thought of. I greately appreciate any help you can offer

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This is a duplicate of many questions where you boot to Recovery and re-partition / re-download an installer and set up a new OS.

You can bring another bootable volume to the Mac as well or bring a bootable installer or just a drive with a local recovery partition as well. You don't have to erase anything - main thing is to get another OS running so you can decide if you need to backup or do data recovery. If you have a full backup or can walk away from all the data - just erase the volume and set up a new OS.

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