For several years I have updated my server on OS 9.2.2 using file sharing from OSX 10.5.8. Today I tried to update a file from another Mac with OSX 10.6.8. It mounts the OS 9 volume as usual and I can copy files from it but I can only write files with a total size of up to 5,006 bytes.

Does anybody have any thoughts about the likely cause of this?

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I now have Leopard and various versions of Snow Leopard installed on my Mac Pro and I get the following results:

All versions can mount a remote OS 9 volume or folder. Leopard can write files to the mounted volume without any difficulty. Some versions of Snow Leopard can write some files at a first attempt but some of these appear empty or corrupted.

I eventually found I could get consistent satisfactory results by using a bash script to write about 40kB to a dummy file twice. After this further files can be written without any difficulty until the connection is terminated. Whist this is slightly tedious I can live it.

Further insights or fixes would be of interest to me.

Here is my bash script:

open 'afp://user-name:password@###.###.###.###/volume/web-pages'; sleep 1; f(){ echo {a..z}{A..Z}{z..n} > /Volumes/volume/web-pages/dummy-file; }; f; f
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